Don't Forget To Stretch

Often times the appearance of beautiful Spring and Summer days leads to us getting out and about and doing everything from increasing our exercise routine to cleaning our yards and garages. Planting flowers mowing lawns riding bicycles walking dogs swimming laps running marathons all have one thing in common. They are all forms of increased physical exertion for most of us. A good coach teaches their trainees to warm up and cool down before a vigorous workout. As a massage therapist I have seen torn ligaments and lots of overworked overexerted muscle injuries that could have simply been avoided by remembering to warm up before tackling that massive task or workout. We have one body to last us a lifetime. Remember get plenty of rest eat right plan your work and don't forget to warm those muscles up before jumping into your day. Muscles need care too. Remember your whole body is a complete system designed to work efficiently together. Don't neglect any part of your body and your body will serve you well.